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Hampton Park Shopping Centre 9am to 5pm
Woolworths 7am to 12pm

Welcome to Hampton Park Shopping Centre

From our early beginnings, we have been busy make Hampton Park Shopping Centre newer, fresher & more exciting for you. We now have grown to include new shops, new toilets for men, women, disabled & we have included a baby change area for you. All complemented by our new landscape gardening and modern LED lighting.

So why not come down and visit some of our new shops: Australia Post, Tattslotto, Sugar Buns Bakery Café, Donut King, Lucy’s coffee shop, and while you are here, pick up some fresh meat from our local butcher, bread from Lee Lee bakery, groceries from Woolworths, or liquor from BWS. Need something on the go? Mimo’s Pizza, Red Rooster, or for a special chocolate arrangement drop into the Chocolate Garden. Wedding, communication or birthday cake from Lucy’s Divine Cakes, get a fresh look at Raj Hair Dresser, Health & Therapy for pampering and many more…